Guitar Work and Repairs

Over the years I have acquired a very useful set of skills in setting up guitars to an extremely high standard - mine. Trust me with your instrument and it will play easy, fast, sound amazing, and stay in tune. 

I guarantee my work will be excellent and to the highest standards.

"Francisco has a deep understanding for guitars and a passion for quality. When I got my guitar set up it played like a whole new instrument and it was really easy on my fingers. I felt like I could express my thoughts and feelings more clearly with the guitar."



Setups ($80 plus $strings)

Guitars are alive, moving as they are played and encounter various environments. In so doing, a guitar will need adjustments to maintain it's full playing and sonic potential. A setup makes sure everything is in proper working order, interacting as they should, and will diagnose more serious issues if there are any.

Bone Saddles ($40/hr; 5hr max)

A saddle is the part of the guitar upon which the strings rest, on the body of the guitar, near the sound-hole. A bone saddle will very noticeably increase the resonance and life of an acoustic guitar. Bone saddles need to be sanded to specification and it is a precise, high-skill endeavor. 

Other Repairs ($40/hr)

Whatever you may encounter I am happy to help! Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. You may need to bring in your guitar for some unforeseen repair, I may be able to walk you through it over email or send you a how-to video that will help you decide how you'd like to proceed.

Guitar setups and repairs in Columbus, OH since 2018